Introducing All New, Tear-free, Mineral-based Z Blok Sunscreen For Kids

May 23, 2023 – Newport, RI – New Z Blok sunscreen for Kids is just what the doctor ordered. It does not cause tears or eye irritation that can result in kids not wanting to wear sunscreen. It rubs in extremely easily so it takes less time to apply, allowing kids to get busy having fun sooner. It is mineral-based so it is all-natural without any chemicals as active ingredients. That also means that it starts to work immediately to block ultraviolet rays, unlike chemical-based sunscreens that need time to get absorbed into the skin (and the bloodstream potentially) in order to be effective.


Testimonial: I bought it for the grand kids. Then I tried it for myself. It has no fragrance at all. It rubbed in so easily I was amazed. I put it on my eyelids with no tears resulting after a vigorous walk. As I said, I bought it for the grandchildren, but now I have a new sunscreen for myself and I could not be happier that I found it! ~ Jane F, Marblehead, MA