Z Blok Solves The Eye Stinging Problem

Z Blok sunscreen’s unique formula does not contain oxybenzone, which is harmful to coral reefs. It also does not contain fragrances or inexpensive petroleum based ingredients, which may cause your eyes to sting. Z Blok does contain the natural mineral zinc oxide (10%), which helps protect against skin cancer and premature skin aging without eye irritation. Z Blok sunscreen also provides broad-spectrum sun protection from both UVA and UVB rays. It is highly water-resistant so it stays on your skin instead of coming off in the water. Try Z Blok Sunscreen and see the difference that quality ingredients make in sun protection.


All New!! Z Blok Kids is designed especially for kids. Protect your kids from ultraviolet rays with our tear free, all natural, mineral based formula. It rubs in easily and starts to protect immediately upon application.

For a limited time, get a FREE Flight Companion Travel Kit with every order of at least one Z Blok for Kids. A $20 value!!!

Stay Focused with Z Blok Sunscreen

“Your product is the only product I use on my face and I definitely use it on my eyes. That’s actually the reason I bought it. It’s the only one that didn’t sting. I’m so glad I discovered it years ago. And it’s not greasy or slimy. No other product compares!”
 Felicia Y., Aiken, SC


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Stay Protected with Z Blok Sunscreen!

Z Blok sunscreen is especially formulated so you can even use it on your eyelids without causing tears or eye irritation. 

This is especially helpful when preforming outdoor sports and activities that can cause you to sweat and get sunscreen in your eyes.

Keep your skin and eye lids protected with Z Blok!

Family of Z Blok Products

Z Blok Sunscreen 4oz Tube
Price: $19.95 (Includes FREE Shipping)

Z Blok Sunscreen 2oz Travel Tube
Price: $13.95 (Out of Stock)

NEW!!! Z Blok for Kids 4oz Tube
Price: $19.95 (Includes FREE Shipping)

Z Blok Lip Balm Value Pack of 3
Price: $12.95 (Includes FREE Shipping)

Z Blok Sunscreen .5oz Stick
Price: $12.95 (Includes FREE Shipping)

Z Blok Soothing Aloe Vera After Sun Gel
Price: $9.99 (Includes FREE Shipping)

Sunscreen Purchase & Usage Tips

There is a lot of information in the media about sunscreens. Here are some common sense tips to consider when buying sunscreen and to help protect you and your family from the harmful effects of UV rays such as premature skin aging and skin cancer.

Protect Your Lips with SPF 30 Sunscreen especially formulated for your lips

“Moisturizing” your lips is one thing. Protecting them from skin cancer with FDA regulated UVA/UVB sunscreen is actually far more important. Lip cancer can take years or decades to show visual symptoms. The treatment options at this point are not pretty or fun. Please be safe and think forward and choose a sunscreen lip balm especially formulated for your lips.

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