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New Z BlokĀ® Sunscreen Eliminates the Problem of Burning or Stinging Eyes

Newport, RI - - July 8, 2010 - - New Z Blok sunscreen is truly different in that its fragrance free formula does not burn or sting the eyes if water or perspiration causes it to migrate into the eyes. This allows athletes to stay focused on performing at their peak without needless, painful distraction.

Z Blok was initially tested by the Puma Ocean Racing Team in the grueling Volvo Around the World Race, where sailors get pummeled with waves at up to 35 miles per hour. According to the Puma Team skipper Ken Read “The UV protection is excellent. The entire crew believes in the product and we certainly put sunscreen to a test that few others can. Importantly we have experienced no eye stinging or irritation - and we are wet a lot!"

In addition to the benefit of eliminating the stinging eye problem, Z Blok contains the active ingredient Zinc Oxide that rubs in clear (hence the Z Blok name). Zinc oxide is the only active ingredient to provide “significant protection” from both UVA and UVB rays according to the EPA (see “The Burning Facts” attachment).

These are a few facts that the general public does not know about sunscreens in general which are also addressed in the attachment from the EPA:

1) SPF (sun protection factor) only measures protection from UVB rays. It does not measure protection from cancer causing UVA rays. Zinc oxide is the only ingredient to provide extensive protection from UVA rays.

2) SPF 15 blocks 93% of UVB rays, SPF 30 blocks 97% and no SPF blocks 100% (see the chart on page 3 of the enclosed EPA document). Products claiming an SPF above 30 provide a false reassurance to the consumer.

3) Zinc oxide is a physical element as opposed to most other ingredients such as PABA, which are chemically based. Physically based elements are far less likely to cause an allergic skin reaction according to the attached EPA document.

Z Blok is available on line at Z Bloksun.com.


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